Aluminium frame


Aluminium frame
The first ever aluminium made Marathon cart could be admired at the Paard & Koets (Horse & Carriage) 2005 fair. This scoop is furthermore equipped with a completely modernised brake system, which some already call a breakthrough in competition car manufacturing.

Aluminium Carriage is particularly proud of his latest design: "A thorough investigation of the properties each of the many aluminium varieties has to offer led to the discovery of the perfect building material for our modern Marathon carts in an extremely high-graded aluminium alloy. Aircraft constructors also use this quality material. The manufacturing of the aluminium frame has been figured out to be the equivalent of the traditional heavy metals in the fields of wear and bending strength. The design of this new cart was paired with the introduction of a brake system which is breaking up new ground."

Aluminium frames are batch produced in our workshops.

We are talking about 1 cart model that can be assembled to meet the customer's wishes.

Single and pair suitable for horses and ponies, and four for ponies as well, both recreation and marathon versions manufactured with high-grade aluminium using up-to-date aeronautic technology.

Aluminium Carriage's latest aluminium design offers several advantages:
  • The aluminium frame only weighs 30 kilogram and can be lacquered in any colour.
  • The sides no longer need to be made of stainless steel since aluminium requires no maintenance and is scratch-resistant.
  • Starting from a standard frame, for use in all carriages, the customer has a sheer unlimited choice with respect to the extension of his marathon or recreation cart: single (150 kg) or pair (350 kg) delayed steering ... all combinations are possible.
  • The new brake system is fitted with ABS in a standard way, it is weight-saving, it rules out dragging brake shoes, it no longer operates with oil pressure thus reducing the leakage risk to zero and is equipped with featherweight rustproof disc brakes. Savings on working hours enable us to offer these carts at a competitive price.
  • The new model has acquired a more modern look from an esthetical point of view.